Royal Greens Offer Spacious 3BHK, 4 BHK Luxury Apartments in Jaipur

3 BHK, 4 BHK Interior - Royal GreensRoyal Greens Jaipur offer one of the best abodes where you can lead a life of happiness along with your entire family members. Most of the other projects do not have any such provision for vast space and ventilation system.

Each rooms of your apartment at Royal Greens are characterized with ample space and alluring ventilation facilities. Each of the rooms is specially designed for catering maximum space and ventilation. Anyone will be able to feel the soothing touch of gentle breezes which roams in and around your spacious rooms.

All the rooms are bathroom attached and this provides more individuality and privacy to each dweller here. Each of the dwellers will feel that they are living in an apartment which is specially designed for them. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of nature as all the rooms are having open areas where they can stand and enjoy it out.

Royal Greens provides spacious and highly ventilated 3 and 4 BHK apartments. Even there are different options in 3 and 4 BHK apartments even. Those who wish to have servants who live along with them, can choose apartments with servant quarters.

The apartments vary in sizes too. You can choose suitable apartments which vary from 1540 to 2776 sq. ft. The largest apartment is of 2776 sq. ft. and the smallest one is 1540 sq. ft. If there are more members in your family you can rightly choose a four BHK apartment. There is also a servant quarter in this apartment.

If you are not so bigger family then you can select any of the spacious 3 BHK apartments which will also have servant quarter. There are 3 BHK apartments without any servant quarters. There are dining hall, visitors’ hall and three bathrooms in each flat of Royal Greens Jaipur.

The master bedroom has an open area and a private balcony besides a common balcony. The common balcony is also having an entry through the bedroom. Your tiny ones will have sufficient space to crawl around.

Royal Greens also uses international standard equipment in its construction. Superior quality and branded fittings are used in bathrooms and other areas. The flooring also is done with high quality tiles. The earthquake resistant structure offer higher security to your life and property.

Let your family be small or big you have the option to find suitable homes at this Joy Bharat Group project in Jaipur. The project is constructed only on merely 20 % of the total land leaving the remaining 80% for creating better environment. You are invited to enjoy your life maximum at this superior class luxury project. Selection of 3 or 4 BHK depends on you and any of your decision will not be a false one surely.